How to Apply
How to Apply

Professional development

NOVUS has been designed to develop tomorrow’s supply chain professionals. During your university education, NOVUS help support your professional development by providing you with a senior industry mentor and helping you meet and network with many people from industry


Mentoring is all about having someone to bounce your ideas off, to share their experience with you, to coach you and to offer advice and guidance when you want it. 

 Mdu, Ellie and Anete are mentored by Travis Perkins

 Ellie, mentored by Robin Proctor

 "Robin and I are in regular contact and he's  been really supportive in finding me  a placement. Robin has been brilliant with helping  me network around the company and guiding me  on assignments. I really feel that Travis  Perkins recognises that we are the future."

                              Robin Proctor                                                                                                               Group Supply Chain Director - Travis Perkins

Robin was delighted the group chose to become a founder sponsor and address the challenge of developing talent.                                       "The internet revolution has given customers visibility and choice of wider product ranges and quicker delivery solutions, so supply chain management is becoming an ever-more critical skill set to sustain and improve business profitability. Skills in this area are in short supply, and demand will be high for those people that have them."

Practical ways that mentors can help can be around career development – helping you work out what you want to do, what type of company you want to work for and the best way of achieving your goals. They are likely to help you develop your CV and your understanding of the workplace, particularly around issues like people management. Your mentor may also be able to help you with your university work, providing first-hand information and advice with managing projects. They will invite you to their workplace, so that you can learn about their organisation and how it works.

We have more than 100 industry people involved in mentoring our students, including senior directors and managers from many different businesses, all of whom have one thing in common – a commitment to helping young people reach their potential.



Knowing the right people can be a big help to get your career off to a flying start. The difficulty with being at the beginning of your career is that you don’t know many people – the NOVUS programme is designed to help with that.

NOVUS will help you understand the importance of networking, how to network effectively and provide you with lots of opportunities to meet people from industry in formal and informal settings.

"Some of our students now have the most incredible LinkedIn profile," said David Leach, NOVUS Programme Director at University of Huddersfield. "They are in contact with people from across the industry – a massive benefit as they develop their career."