How to Apply
How to Apply

Work experience

Work experience is an important part of the NOVUS programme – it provides you with a context to explore your studies, helps you to develop your work place skills and enables you to hit the ground running when you start your career. 

Two periods of work experience are built in to your degree course, both paid. More importantly, they give you the opportunity to learn more about the practicalities of working in organisations and to develop your people skills, as well as helping you to build your practical knowledge of the subject.

Summer work experience

Summer work experience is another innovative aspect of the NOVUS scheme, rarely found on other courses.  Over the summer period between the first and second year, we help you find suitable work experience with a NOVUS company for a period of 8 to 12 weeks – the scale and geographic coverage of our sponsors means that we can usually find you somewhere close to home. You return to study your second year with an improved understanding of the industry, ready to explore the subject in greater depth.

Sandwich placement

The third year of your course is spent on salaried placement with a NOVUS company, which could be anywhere in the UK. There are a wide variety of opportunities with our sponsor companies in many different sectors – manufacturing, retail and logistics services, for example. You could be doing anything from working with suppliers, inventory management, warehouse operations, transport planning through to supply chain improvement projects.  

As the employing company know that you will be returning to work for them or one of the other NOVUS companies on graduation, they can invest in your development while you are with them and have a vested interest in ensuring you have a great placement experience.

These are some of our students' stories: