How to Apply
How to Apply

Legal disclaimer

NOVUS endeavours to treat your personal data with the respect and care which it deserves, using our best endeavours to ensure that it is appropriate for the purpose for which it is to be used and is accurate and complete and kept up-to-date.

What personal information is collected from me and how is it used?

The NOVUS Web site collects online information in a number of ways. This is normally recorded through the use of online forms, which will ask for information such as name, home/company address, email, telephone, fax, preferred mailing address, where did you hear about NOVUS?

NOVUS will use your information to help complete transactions submitted through the website. The information may be used to personalise sections of the Web site based on a profile developed of you from the information given. Internally the information may be used to monitor NOVUS activities.

If agreed by you, NOVUS will accept from time to time approved mailings to the membership database. NOVUS will act as a mailing facility, this maybe for third-parties. NOVUS recognises the need to protect individual information, only when consent is given will NOVUS provide a mailing facility to third-parties for approved mailings and will not divulge your personal information unless specifically authorised by yourself for any particular purpose.

What security does NOVUS use to protect your personal data online?

NOVUS takes reasonable precautions to protect sensitive information you submit through the Web site. This is indicated by the presence of the 'lock' icon on your browser, which signifies the use of encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Sensitive information:

When asked to provide sensitive information the information submitted is encrypted using industry standard SSL. When viewing a secure page a lock icon will appear on the bottom of your Web browser. To view the information on the SSL certification click on the lock icon.

Non-sensitive information:

Not all information submitted through the Web site will be encrypted by SSL. Emails, forms requesting information and feedback forms via the Web site are not secure. Any information submitted via these forms is done so at your own risk. NOVUS will not be responsible for any personal information sent by email.

NOVUS takes reasonable precautions to ensure that access to sensitive and non-sensitive information is restricted to Institute authorised personnel.

Back office procedures:

The NOVUS Web server is based, under an agreement with a third-party ISP, in the United Kingdom. The ISP, together with NOVUS, take reasonable precautions to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place for hosting this service.

NOVUS does not request or authorise payments on-line. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of our Web site, contact:
Access to member resources:

NOVUS has a secure members only area on the Web site. Only registered members of NOVUS have access to this resource. Validation credentials will be generated and supplied by NOVUS, for the use only of the individual member. All information held on the Web site, such as your personal details, to enable you to amend/view records held by NOVUS, will be secure and only available to you.


The NOVUS's Web site contains links to other sites, principally those companies which sponsor the NOVUS scheme and other partner organisations. Note: NOVUS is not responsible for the security and/or contents of these sites, and would encourage you to read the individual privacy guidelines when visiting other sites. If you are experiencing a problem with a link, contact:

For what purpose do we use the information gathered and with whom is it shared?

The information gathered by NOVUS about you is used primarily to manage your membership within NOVUS. No information we gather will be shared or distributed, with any third-party without prior consent from you.

Keeping your data safe:

NOVUS will take reasonable measures to ensure good practices and procedures are in place with regards to the security of data. Including regular reviews of current practices.

Electronic-based, electronically stored data is reasonably secure. The NOVUS storage servers are locked away, in a controlled secure environment. Only authorised personal have access.

Paper-based documentation received in respect of the individuals is stored in a secure orderly manner.