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How to Apply

Our story

Today’s supply chain industry is one of the world’s most sophisticated, vibrant, and important industries, underpinned by the very latest technology. To keep up with the gathering pace of change in the industry, the skills, capabilities and knowledge of supply chain leaders will have to be second-to-none. Currently, the demand for the high-calibre staff to fill these challenging roles is also projected to outstrip the supply of suitable candidates. Despite the fact that the supply chain is one of the most pervasive and essential industries worldwide, few people stop to think  about its importance to everyday life and fewer still have much idea about how supply chains actually work and what career opportunities they provide. As a result, there simply aren’t enough bright young people qualified or in training to satisfy the need for talent.


NOVUS is a higher education initiative that aims to provide the strategic solution to this challenge. Its answer to the growing skills gap and talent shortfall aims to inspire and recruit tomorrow’s supply chain professionals and help them build their careers with a single package that provides a foundation of relevant education, training and experience and a guaranteed graduate level supply chain job in a major company.


Leading blue chip manufacturing, retailing and logistics service provider businesses have collaborated to develop an educational programme tailored to business needs, which provides a foundation of a four year Honours degree course in supply chain management, supplemented by regular contact with industry expert practitioners and practical, on-the-job experience. Through its unique guaranteed job offer, the NOVUS programme provides the link between its university courses and rewarding careers in great companies. With its tailored course content and professional training and personalised industrial placements and mentoring, the programme creates a growing pool of highly qualified, experienced and talented young people that will become the supply chain leaders of tomorrow.


Businesses that agree to sponsor the scheme and underwrite the jobs are guaranteed a supply of high-quality graduates that also have a strong foundation of relevant work experience and key craft skills. The main benefit to NOVUS sponsors is their ability to tailor the course content and selection criteria of graduates into their own business recruitment strategies. This creates an immediate benefit in reduced graduate recruitment costs, as well as longer term benefits in higher graduate retention levels and in reduced time-to-value of NOVUS graduates, compared to others entering employment. Each NOVUS sponsor thus has an opportunity to put their own stamp on the development of what is aiming to be the UK’s leading body of graduate alumni for supply chain professionals, where their business is recognised alongside the best practitioners and employers.


Potential students are offered an unmatched opportunity to study for a supply chain Honours degree that is supplemented by real experience in the field, working in the participating companies and training in key professional and managerial skills. Recent research shows that the best graduates know a company before they join and that the most sought-after talent has been ‘touched’ in some way by the company from which they accept an offer.


We believe that the NOVUS approach will:
•    build awareness of the supply chain and supply chain career opportunities among school leavers intending to           apply for undergraduate university places
•    enlarge and enhance the supply chain graduate talent pool
•    streamline supply chain graduate recruitment for our members
•    inspire logistical excellence 
•    support the delivery of effective logistics in a changing world


NOVUS is a not-for-profit organisation operating under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Logistics in the UK (CILT(UK)), a registered charity that is the leading independent professional body for individuals associated with logistics, supply chain and transport. For more information about CILT(UK), visit:


NOVUS is entirely funded by subscriptions paid by its sponsor organisations. NOVUS is managed by committees made up of representatives of participating sponsor companies, who contribute their time and expertise to the scheme without charge. The day-to-day running of NOVUS is conducted by CILT(UK).