How to Apply
How to Apply

Our vision



NOVUS is sponsored by a growing number of high profile independent companies which share the aim of inspiring tomorrow’s supply chain professionals. 

Specifically, our vision for the future of the initiative is the creation and establishment of a choice of four-year Supply Chain  Honours degree  courses, sponsored by NOVUS member companies and hosted by three leading UK universities. These courses will be capable of accommodating 150 students per year over the three establishments, with content covering a general introduction to business management and specific focus on  supply chain and logistics management. The core degree course will be supplemented with further content covering the ‘craft skills’ required to manage in business effectively and a foundation in professional competence.

Students will spend their first two years in the university and their third year and summer break in a paid industrial placement, with their fourth and final year in the university consisting of an industry-based thesis and final exams. 
Uniquely these courses offer their graduates the guarantee of a graduate level job in one of the sponsor companies on successful course completion.  

We believe that the NOVUS approach will
•    build awareness of the supply chain and supply chain career opportunities among school leavers intending to           apply for undergraduate university places
•    enlarge and enhance the supply chain graduate talent pool
•    streamline supply chain graduate recruitment for our members
•    inspire logistical excellence 
•    support the delivery of effective logistics in a changing world