How it works

Novus designed courses focus on supply chain management, a vital field in keeping businesses, public services, humanitarian organisations and major events running.

Our Novus designed courses are based at University of Huddersfield and Aston University. The courses have been designed with our sponsors – leading businesses – to give you the skills that they really want!

We also work with non-Novus designed degrees with a logistics, supply chain, operations management or transport management focus at Arden University, Aston University, Cardiff UniversityUniversity of Derby, University of Huddersfield, University of Hull, Keele University, University of Lincoln, Middlesex University and Northumbria University


If you’re looking for a degree course that will prepare you for a rewarding career in an exciting business environment, then a Novus course is for you. We offer:

If you would like to get a degree from a leading University, with benefits throughout your course, then Novus is for you!

1. Choose your course

BA (Hons) Business with Supply Chain Management and BSc (Hons) Business and Supply Chain Management have a greater emphasis on general business management. BSc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management focuses more on technical and analytical skills. All courses are four year sandwich courses that are packed with professional development opportunities through work experience, guest lectures, mentoring and site visits.

Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK), the leading membership body for the logistics profession.

2. Apply through UCAS

Visit the UCAS Undergraduate application website and apply!

3. Attend a Novus pitch at your university delivered by the Novus Programme Manager

4. Email your interest to the Novus Programme Manager –

Complete the Novus registration form, submit the form and your CV to the Novus Programme Manager

5. Attend an assessment centre

A Novus assessment centre is hosted online every Wednesday throughout October and November. Staff from our sponsor companies, usually in HR or operations, come to meet the potential Novus students and support the activities. The session lasts for a half day and includes both group and individual tasks. More information will be sent once you have applied.

6. If you are awarded a place on the Novus Programme you gain lots of benefits!

During your first year, you can be allocated a professional mentor from a Novus company. These companies can also provide you with guest lectures and site visits, a great opportunity to see how your studies link to the world of work. Find out more…

7. Summer work experience

Work experience is an important part of Novus – it helps you to develop your skills and put your learning into practice. Over the summer, you could benefit from 8-12 weeks of paid work experience with one of our sponsor companies.

8. Third year placement

The third year of your course can be spent on placement with one of our sponsor companies, which could be anywhere in the UK! There is a wide variety of opportunities in many different sectors. You could be working with suppliers, inventory management, warehouse operations, transport planning and supply chain improvement projects, to name a few!

9. Graduate

The majority of our sponsors offer graduate roles. As you have benefitted from excellent teaching and plenty of experience throughout your time to University, our sponsors can’t wait for you to get started! Find out more about opportunities with our sponsors.