NOVUS works with other leading Universities to offer some of the benefits of a NOVUS course. A NOVUS Lite student will benefit from:

How does NOVUS Lite work?

NOVUS Lite is designed to provide some of the NOVUS benefits to quality candidates at Universities where NOVUS does not have a fully-fledged course. These students will have an assessment centre after joining University (see “How it works” for more details), after which successful candidates will be able to call themselves NOVUS Lite students and take advantage of access to our sponsors and the benefits that they offer.

NOVUS Lite supports students studying courses with a logistics, supply chain or operations management focus at Aston University, Cardiff UniversityUniversity of Derby, University of Huddersfield, University of Hull, University of Lincoln, Middlesex University and Northumbria University

Why are the benefits different?

NOVUS courses at University of Huddersfield and Aston University have been created in conjunction with our sponsors. As such, the sponsors believe that students at the end of those courses will be “work ready”, and so are happy to offer guaranteed graduate employment. As this is not the case with NOVUS Lite, we are unable to offer guaranteed graduate employment – but we do believe that the experience that NOVUS Lite will provide you will hold you in excellent stead of securing a role at the end of your studies!

Why would I choose NOVUS Lite?

Our sponsors are always looking for quality candidates for their companies and creating NOVUS Lite has allowed the NOVUS seal of approval to be given to successful candidates across a wider geographic and educational background than NOVUS alone. You may wish to choose a different course, or a different University, to full NOVUS options – in which case, Lite may be for you.

For more information about NOVUS Lite, contact us!